Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding ceremony music

How many guests will be attending your wedding ceremony?

How will your guests hear your wedding ceremony music?

Most celebrants only provide a small P.A. system for their voice. Yes most portable P.A. systems they use have an auxiliary input however they rarely have enough output for the music to be heard properly during the service.

Is your ceremony indoor or outdoors? This can also be a major factor in whether the music will be heard.

How will you, the bride be able to hear your ‘processional’ song, and how will you know when to start walking down the aisle?

Who will perform the music at your wedding ceremony and will they know the correct cue points and when to play them? Have they performed at a wedding ceremony music before and do they know what they are doing?

Take the stress out of this very important part of your wedding day by hiring a professional to take care of  your wedding ceremony. We offer professional P.A.  hire with powered speakers, scrims, tripod stands, wireless lapel microphones and all the music prior to, during and after your ceremony to create the perfect atmosphere at your wedding ceremony. 

We have the experience of over 3000 weddings behind us and we’d love to play a role in the success of yours.

Call Brent today on 0418 724 079 to discuss your options.



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